Database backup, dump, and SVN commit script for Drupal workflow

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This script is useful for keeping a database within reach of an 'svn up' anywhere it needs to be deployed (e.g., dev and staging sites). In addition to creating a database dump, it also svn commits the database. I use it in conjuction with this provisioning / install script, but it can be used on its own.

How to
The script should go in non-public, secure directory, which is somewhere below the site doc root. I haven't tried running it with permissions less than sudo, though it may be possible. Invoke by doing:

sh path/to/

It has logging and verbose output for confirmation of it's operations on the command line.

Future possiblities includes doing something like this to cut down on the size of the diffs committed, but since haven't gotten a chance to test that in a prodcution environment, am sticking with with plain-and-simple in order to guarantee integrity of the SQL file.

Download (dump and commit, plus update file permissions, a feature not related to backup - simply for maintenance reasons. I use this one myself, but use the other script if this feature is not wanted or needed)

28 March, 2009