Drupal Intranet - Controlling access by role, per node, per user

Recently we had the pleasure of developing a very cool intranet for a group associated with the United Nations. They desired an online space within which they can privately share articles, comments, and files with each other.

Our mission was to make a site that would:

  • Not let anonymous users view any content
  • Enable varying levels of viewing, adding, and editing rights across differing authenticated user roles - on a per page/node basis
  • Enable different/custom menu configurations based upon user role
  • Redirect users after a successful login attempt to a front page which is unique to user role

If you have never used Drupal before you may not know that the above functionality is not available out-of-the-box. However, with a little research we found some contributed modules which helped us to achieve a totally customizable intranet:

  • front page
  • login destination
  • menu per role
  • nodeaccess
8 February, 2007


i wanted for several moths to start a blog and i've been thinking of making it in wordpress. but after seeing the modularity and flexibility of drupal, i've changed my mind.

Could you elaborate on what modules you used for this project? Where you using Drupal 5?


Yes, it was Drupal 5 - as far as the modules, they're listed in the article. ;-)
(e.g., front page, login destination, menu per role, nodeaccess)