Drupal sites: Some of the finest examples

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Here are links to some of the finer examples of many different site types, nationalities, big sites, smaller sites, and notable, as well as not-so-notable, companies/agencies/people who all have one thing in common. They are powered by the Drupal CMS.

100links - Portal

Approva - Company

CAESY Education Systems - Company

Council of Writing Program Administrators - Education

creativebits- Technology, blog

Cross-Pro - Motocycle apparel company

Dirtbike - News, community, portal

ecademy - Portal

Fight Hunger (United Nations) - Education, awareness

Iowa State Entomology Index -Index, education

Linux Journal - Technology, media, community

Moby.com - Personal site

MTV (UK) - News, portal, Community

NASA Project & Engineering Leadership - Government, technology

NowPublic - News, community

ONION, the - News, Portal

ourmedia - Music, video, community, portal

Q94.5 Rock - Music station

Project Opus - Community, music, portal

Relay for Life - Community, education

SpreadFirefox - Technology, internet, community

Sudden Thoughts - Music, community, portal

Teka Electronics - Company website

Terminus1525 - Community, culture, art

World, The (BBC) - International news

21 January, 2007


Um... How do you know DeviantArt is powered by Drupal??

I have taken them off the list - their site is not on Drupal anymore. It's probably time for me to take a look at all of these sites, as I put this together quite a while ago. 2+ years.

Oh nice! So was there a point in time when DA was powered by Drupal?

Thats interesting to know because I'm using drupal to setup an art community thats very similar to DeviantArt. The unfortunate thing is it seems DA is slowly but surely turning into some kind of amature porn site. ;) No matter what you type in as the search term its bound to bring up a chick exposing herself. (I'm not saying thats bad. lol!) The fact is, its an art site, dedicated to artists.

I'm a Wordpress fan, but lately I've been playing around with Drupal and all I can say is, "It rocks!" I can't compare Wordpress and Drupal because they're too completely different tools. Wordpress - Blogging, Drupal - CMS Framework.
I must say that Drupal has one steep learning curve! But hey, a person has to start somewhere.

Do you know of any decent modules (for Drupal) that allow a user to submit an image, and this will be displayed publicly. The images can also be categorised eg. "Digital Art, 3D Art" or would this work with Tags...?

Shot for the cool site.