#drupal twitter RSS feed, cleaned up via Yahoo Pipes

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After realizing how much cool stuff there is to see by following the #drupal hash at Twitter, I grabbed the RSS feed from that page and put it in my new favorite app for OS X, EventBox. Horror of horrors, it displayed horribly (double titles/content)...

...so on to Yahoo Pipes, and in short time I hacked up a cleaned up version of the #drupal results feed that displays nicely. Enjoy!

Update: - heh, I knew Eventbox was good, but there's actually built-in functionality to handle this. Right-click on the Twitter icon in Eventbox, choose 'Add Search', and then enter '#drupal'. After that go to the newly added search, right click, and choose "Aggregation->Aggregation Container" and now your search will show up in the general river-of-news stream for Eventbox. Sweet! (Thanks to Jason for bring my attention to this)

24 February, 2009


Thanks, this is great!

Hello Caleb,

is it possible to use a yahoo pipe within drupal to show content from other websites?
Would be great if you could answer that question. Unfortunatly I can't find any information on that.


Indeed - you'll just need to setup an aggregator and then add the yahoo pipes feed to it. You can use the core Drupal aggregator, or one of the contributed modules like simplefeed/feedapi.

Horrors to you, but a godsend for spammers looking for a new way. It was going to happen sooner or later. Tweet being retwit for the sake of marketing.

Feed API asks for user name and password to fetch feed items from a twitter account. But Feed Aggregator module needs nothing but a twitter's RSS. I was wondering why?
ZK@Web Marketing Blog

very clean, actually better than the feed on twitter itself as it shows username (real name) instead of the duplicate stuff you were talking about. thanks for sharing, im going to try it with some other hashes ;)