HigherVisibility reaches 2.0

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This past Sunday (1/20/07) we launched the second generation HigherVisibility site. Like all of the sites we make, we used the most modern best practices and technology to assemble it, including:

  • Drupal 5.0 with absolutely no changes/hacks applied to any of the code or modules. As you can see from the site, committing to not using hacks on the Drupal "core" files does not mean sacrificing customization. Since we did not modify Drupal's core files in any way, upgrading to new versions of Drupal will be mostly a drag and drop process for us. Additionally, since we use the cvs versioning system we'll be able to track changes in Drupal core as we update and see exactly what the differences are from version to version.

In addition to the core Drupal 5 modules, we also have the following contributed modules actived:

  • adminblock
  • archive
  • captcha
  • codefilter
  • db_maintenance
  • dlclick
  • devel
  • gsitemap
  • htmlcorrector
  • nodewords
  • simplemenu
  • site_map
  • subscriptions
  • tagadelic
  • textimage
  • widgeditor
27 January, 2007