Komodo IDE and Drupal/PHP development - a combo built upon mutual appreciation

After spending 3 days trying to get Elipse PDT and the Zend debugger working on Mac OS X, my nerves were very frayed, indeed. Apparently, there has been an ongoing problem with the Zend debugger not stopping at breakpoints on Mac Intel machines...something that has plagued Eclipse through 3 different PHP extensions. (don't even get me started on how crazy it is that Eclipse has seen three completely separate PHP plugins within less than a year)

In the end all was not lost. On the contrary, after enough scratching around Google I discovered what I needed to know. Komodo has become the semi-de-facto IDE of choice for many Drupal developers. A fact confirmed for me when I saw many familiar names from the Drupal community on the ActiveState website (itself a Drupal site).

Suffice to say with Komodo I got local and remote debugging up and running within just a couple hours, and it's been a total dream to use.

So now I have a proper debugger, integrated svn, and last but not least, Drupal api code compeletion/documentation is included. And if that's not enough, it uses 100mb+ less memory than Eclipse did.

Komodo is going to set me back a few bucks ($295) after my trial runs out, but even at that price it's a no-brainer for some who makes their living with Drupal and PHP. Kudos to ActiveState on their outreach to the Drupal community.

Some useful links if your interested in checking out Komodo:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

13 September, 2007


I've been using Komodo for a few months. I dare say I may be in love. It kicks arse!

I tried Zend and Eclipse also, but they're just so damned messy

I got Komodo on a student licence for $50.


I knew about the channel but wasn't totally sure what it was for. Thanks for the heads-up. May still be interested in starting something that is independent of the 'official' channels, just depending.

Besides a debugger does Komodo support any kind of PHP profiler? I know xdebug contains a profiler. Alas I don't know any Mac-native application to view its profiler output. You may use kcachegrind from fink or somewhere but thats a heavy installation because it needs the whole KDE.

That's the reason I still stuck to the Zend IDE for debugging/profiling.

However, am not sure what the answer is. (regarding a Mac-native program to view the profiler output)

I assume this is pretty much tied to running on a Mac, for practicality's sake?

Also, is this comment (http://drupal.org.uk/node/64#c...) still relevant, in terms of the possibilities of working remotely with Komodo?

I've posted some (including a code coloring scheme) on using (albeit an older version of) Komodo in relation to Drupal work, and am definitely a fan of the program. I actually have to try not to gush.

The pricetag is a bit steep, but the license is, in my estimation, a killer feature.

From the Active State site:

Licenses are user-based, so a single license covers you across all the languages, platforms, and systems you use—at home, at work, or at the coffee shop. Nice, huh?

Thanks for sharing some great links on Komodo and Drupal and debugging that I hadn't unearthed yet!

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thanks for code coloring scheme