Sacramento DUG for February rocks Hoppy Brewing Company

On Wednesay night the Sac DUG met for the second time at Hoppy Brewing Company and beat it's 2 year old attendance record in the process. It was a great meeting, which was attended by Drupal users of every stripe - there was even folks who showed up to evaluate Drupal for use in their companyl (a highly recommended way to check out Drupal, btw!).

Thanks to Phil Glatz for the live demonstration using the step-through debugger on his IDE - I've gotta say he inspired me to dust off my debugger and investigate it a little more (something I'm not regretting already - it's been great).

Some other great resources which came out of the meeting:

Thanks to everyone who showed up:

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 18th 2009 at the Hoppy Brewing Company. More info about Sacramento Area Drupal happenings here.

21 February, 2009