AutoPilot released - Change management just got a whole lot easier

Perhaps, one of the most important contributed Drupal projects ever released, was released today (at least as far as professional Drupal development goes).

AutoPilot is out and for anyone who has a Drupal site for which they need to worry about syncing development, staging, and or production versions - it's magnificent. I've had privilege of seeing it work in person - and it's unlike anything available to Drupal developers before now.

Though I haven't set up my own local instance of this yet - the version I saw allowed one to be able to simply click a button in order to update changes between a development environment and a staging/production environment.

Congratulations, WorkHabit on such a valuable contribution, and for everyone else - grab this at your earliest convenience and let's work to integrate this as a core part of a Drupal development toolbox, asap. (ala the devel.module)

[Please direct any questions about AutoPilot to WorkHabit and/or the AutoPilot project on]

21 August, 2007
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