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How to have a fun and successful time at Drupalcon

Very soon 1,399 of your best friends will be converging on Washington DC to talk about all things Drupal, web, business, yada yada yada. What could be more fun than that?! Well, for some people, believe it or not, the thought of so many people or the thought of having to do anything particularly social with people that they don't already know, is a bit overwhelming/unappealing. Under normal circumstances I fall into this category. Starting a couple years ago at my first big Drupal function, however, I made a deliberate decision to try to overcome this tendency. As it turns out that was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. The effects which have followed "forcing" myself to go say hi to more people than I normally would back then are still with me to this very day.

Hopefully anyone reading this won't confuse what I'm saying as an endorsement to run up to everyone they've ever wanted to meet and harrass them - if you're already a social butterfly - you probably don't need to force yourself to be more social - that would just be obnoxious ;-). But by all means if you're hanging around somewhere - don't hesitate for a second to say hi to whomever is around you. ("So what do you do with Drupal?" is always a nice starting point)

Couple more tips:

1) If you need to, remind yourself that if all of this sociability sounds like too much work and all you want to do is float around a bunch of people anonymously - you could have just stayed home and tracked the conference online!

2) Whether gardening or heading to a convention - when you're planting seeds - it will probably take the seeds some time to even spout, let alone turn into a blossoming tree. Some seeds might not even ever get going. So plant many of them and don't worry to much about tomorrow, today. You'll enjoy yourself more and likely be more enjoyable to talk with.

1 March, 2009

Sacramento DUG for February rocks Hoppy Brewing Company

On Wednesay night the Sac DUG met for the second time at Hoppy Brewing Company and beat it's 2 year old attendance record in the process. It was a great meeting, which was attended by Drupal users of every stripe - there was even folks who showed up to evaluate Drupal for use in their companyl (a highly recommended way to check out Drupal, btw!).

Thanks to Phil Glatz for the live demonstration using the step-through debugger on his IDE - I've gotta say he inspired me to dust off my debugger and investigate it a little more (something I'm not regretting already - it's been great).

Some other great resources which came out of the meeting:

Thanks to everyone who showed up:

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 18th 2009 at the Hoppy Brewing Company. More info about Sacramento Area Drupal happenings here.

21 February, 2009

Sacramento Drupal User Group starts 2009 off right!

Last night (1/14/2009), Sacramento user group had a great meeting, held for the first time at its new and permanent-for-the-foreseeable-future location, Hoppy Brewing Company, which provides us with our own room, free wifi, as well as some great beer and food.

Ten of us showed up - an amazing number considering that we've had three different meeting places in the last 5 months. If we can pull ten despite previous scheduling and location difficulties, it will be very interesting to see how things evolve for the group now that it will have continuity of location and frequency!

In addition to introductions, each person gave some information about what they were hoping to do with Drupal for the coming year, as well as something they would like to see happen for the Sac DUG itself in 2009. Lots of great ideas were put forth, which included internal group stuff (code sprints, ideas/formats for monthly presentations), as well as some external stuff where we, as a group, might get involved directly with contributing-to/evangelizing Drupal and/or helping a charitable organization get going with a Drupal site.

Thanks to everyone who came, and I look forward to seeing you all Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 at Hoppy Brewing Company!

Mac Clemmens (New to SacDUG!)
Shawn and Shannon DeArmond (and son!)
Sloane DellOrto
Caleb Gilbert
Phil Glatz
Chad Jones
Tyler Renelle
BJ Sangwan
Benjamin Shell

15 January, 2009

New found inspiration with Do It With Drupal

Just got back from Do It With Drupal which was hosted by the Lullabot crew in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Despite staying up until 4am one night working, 2am the following night, and working through a couple sessions I still managed to have a great time, meet/catchup with a lot of people, and get totally re-inspired!

There was a good mix of sessions, and between the good job presenters did and the back-channel opportunities to chat with other attendees or questions to presenters, via IRC or Twitter, both newcomers to Drupal and those with more experience had a variety ofl ways to send and receive information and thus get something out of the sessions. (the IRC rooms and/or Twitter interactivity of the sessions was totally awesome - hopefully Drupalicon and/or DrupalCamp organizers will take note!)

For Drupal developers out there wondering about the value of going to something like this, or other Drupal conferences, I highly recommend it for more than just the value of what you'll learn directly in the sessions - for me, it was the being around other people who are intensely passionate about what they're doing with Drupal, as well as the personal conversations that really made the trip.

Thanks to everyone at Lullabot and all the sponsors who put on such a great show, and looking forward to seeing everyone at DrupalconDC.

13 December, 2008
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