#drupal twitter RSS feed, cleaned up via Yahoo Pipes

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After realizing how much cool stuff there is to see by following the #drupal hash at Twitter, I grabbed the RSS feed from that page and put it in my new favorite app for OS X, EventBox. Horror of horrors, it displayed horribly (double titles/content)...

...so on to Yahoo Pipes, and in short time I hacked up a cleaned up version of the #drupal results feed that displays nicely. Enjoy!

Update: - heh, I knew Eventbox was good, but there's actually built-in functionality to handle this. Right-click on the Twitter icon in Eventbox, choose 'Add Search', and then enter '#drupal'. After that go to the newly added search, right click, and choose "Aggregation->Aggregation Container" and now your search will show up in the general river-of-news stream for Eventbox. Sweet! (Thanks to Jason for bring my attention to this)

24 February, 2009
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