"I have an older version Drupal site and I feel stuck between a rock and hard place..."

"Official support status" for various versions of Drupal core:

So, official policy is no support for more than one version back. Many Drupal developers/shops have the same policy as itself - no services, development, or maintenance for legacy Drupal versions.

In a perfect world free of money and time limitations, the benefits of staying with the most current version of Drupal make enough sense. However, the reality is that there are practical reasons to try and stick it out with an older site sometimes. These reasons can include (but are probably not limited to):

  • Older sites which are merrily chugging along. For these sites "upgrading" or "migrating" simply translates into having to paying big money just to have the same exact site they have now, only with a newer Drupal version number next to it.
  • Older Drupal sites of such customization, scope, and/or scale that upgrading them would be unmanageable in the near term. I worked on such a site for 4 years. With over 30+ custom coded modules (not just downloaded modules from, upgrading to a new version of Drupal would have taken hundreds if not thousands of hours.

Drupal project lead, Dries Buytaert, recently called for more developers to go after niches within the Drupal ecosphere. I believe serving users of older Drupal sites could be a valuable one to some Drupal users, as well as to the Drupal project itself.

As a fan of older Drupal versions and as someone who has spent a lot of time working with them (and yes, plenty of time working with newer Drupal versions), I'm throwing my hat into the ring to try and assist these particular Drupal users. If you have an older Drupal site (or know someone with one) which needs development, support, maintenance, or server administration drop me a line.

9 November, 2009
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