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A Side Project: Part 1, Getting Started

"A Side Project" is a series of articles about an online web application I am working on. In Part 1 I share some of the thoughts and motivations which brought me to starting this project in the first place.

The seed for what is new, has some old roots
In 2005 I became involved with Drupal after discovering it in the course of working on an ambitious side project of mine. It was a discovery that would change my life, professionally and otherwise, much for the better. Ironically, the very thing, which got me into Drupal in the first place (e.g., online side projects) had became one of the unfortunate casualties in more recent years as my professional Drupal activities increased. Sure, I had little projects - went to meetups, cons, made some patches here, contributed this there - but building my own online site/service from the ground up with the intention/hope of achieving something big, that went by the wayside.

19 March, 2013
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