I was employed by (a kids social network) for nearly 5 years, first joining the company as Lead Developer, and then as the Director of Technology. Working with such a committed group of people, on such an ambitious and large-scale project was awesome. I learned a lot and had many opportunities to create wonderful stuff and work on incredibly interesting things. Some highlights of projects which I personally implemented at Yoursphere:
  • Created many custom modules from scratch
  • Created registration system which featured 3rd party background checking, billing functionality, and extensive JS/AJAX functionality.
  • Yoursphere formed a partnership with another (non-Drupal) site. I wrote code to import the other site's many users, 65500 pages, 255000 comments, and image/video assets into the YS site.
  • Performance optimizations, including Varnish, MySQL query optimization, & PHP profiling
  • Build out of multi-server architecture on the Rackspace Cloud
  • Wrote unit tests (SimpleTest) & acceptance tests (Selenium) for mission-critical parts of the site.